About Me

Highly Qualified Eastbourne Chiropractor

Doctor of Chiropractic, MTech in Chiropractic, BSc Human Physiology and Psychology

Hi, my name is Louise Lamberti, I live and practice here in beautiful Eastbourne! I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic, I have an MTech in Chiropractic and a BSc in Human Physiology and Psychology. I practice as a Chiropractor at the highly esteemed, and dynamic Lushington Chiropractic Clinic in Eastbourne town centre.

My journey to Eastbourne began many years and many miles away

I grew up in South Africa and started my journey into healthcare in 2006 when I began studying my first degree which was a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology and Psychology. The study of the human body and its complexities and perfection stole my attention and I knew that this was my future.

6 Year Full-Time Chiropractic Masters

Completing this four-year degree opened a world of possibilities for me. I’d considered taking my studies further into medicine, or another complimentary therapy. But I soon learned my strength and my passion was for chiropractic. It was clearly the right path for me given my passion to serve and heal.

So, I began my second degree, this time a six-year Masters’ programme in chiropractic. Chiropractic is a very complex and challenging profession to master. As well as your anatomy, physiology and pathology studies, you must also manage and master the technical hands-on skills associated with the joint adjustments, massage and muscular techniques needed. We also covered rehabilitation, x-ray analysis, nutrition, how to integrate chiropractic care as part of a biopsychosocial model of care and much more.

I completed my six-year, full-time chiropractic Masters’ of Technology in Chiropractic from the very well recognised and acclaimed University of Johannesburg.

Chiropractic Care for Everyone: from Elite Athletes to Children

On top of my ten years of University studies, I’ve got a wide range of experience in practice to support me. My professional experience ranges from working with elite, professional athletes in a range of fields, to my extensive experience working with children and especially babies.

Sports Chiropractic

Being from South Africa people often ask me about “the rugby”, although I’m rusty on the rules of the game, I was lucky enough to work with the Golden Lions Rugby Union in South Africa. I’ve always had a passion for working with sports people and enjoyed my time with the prestigious Cape Epic cycling event where I supported several Tour de France athletes.

When I first started as a chiropractor in Eastbourne I was surprised how active a lot of people were. But then I realised that Eastbourne’s got excellent cycling and outdoor opportunities with the Sussex Downs and of course, the sea, on our doorstep.

Pregnancy and Paediatric Chiropractic

But for me it’s not all sports and elite athletes. In fact, far from it. As a chiropractor here in Eastbourne my practice is more varied than ever with people of all ages and stages of life.

However, early on in my career I helped at a local orphanage, supporting local people not just with chiropractic but with general health help and advice. I spent years during my undergraduate studies and after qualifying helping children and babies, not just at orphanage but in my clinic.

When I first qualified, I worked in an excellent paediatric chiropractic clinic in South Africa. I loved this part of my career development. My paediatric chiropractic practice grew massively by word of mouth. I’d spend whole days just working with babies and pregnant mums.

Although I miss those days, I really enjoy the variety that practicing here in Eastbourne brings.

If you’re in or around Eastbourne and have any questions about chiropractic care for babies, young children or during pregnancy, please call me. Call Lushington Chiropractic on 01323 325651 and ask for me Louise Lamberti, Doctor of Chiropractic.

Why I Chose to be a Chiropractor in Eastbourne

Cheesy as this sounds, it’s true: I decided I wanted to live in Eastbourne when I saw it in a movie in South Africa and fell in love with the sunny seaside town. And no, I’m not going to tell you the name of the movie!

I’m an EU national even though I grew up in South Africa (and have a bit of an accent). In 2017 I moved to the UK and was then lucky enough to find Lushington Chiropractic here in lovely Eastbourne in 2018.

After joining Lushington Chiropractic and Moving to Eastbourne I Settled Instantly!

I’ve never been happier since moving to Eastbourne and joining the chiropractic team here. It felt like home straight away. It seemed that everyone I met in Eastbourne was so lovely, welcoming and supportive. The town and clinic certainly fitted my personal mission as a chiropractor.

My Chiropractic Mission

is to provide genuinely caring, personally tailored care in a warm, welcoming environment.

Choosing Lushington Chiropractic!

As well as falling in love with Eastbourne’s Downs and Coast the main draw was the standards of chiropractic care being delivered by James the Clinic Director and his team at Lushington Chiropractic.

I’ve worked with many chiropractors in my career before visiting his clinic in Eastbourne. And although I already knew James through a mutual Chiropractic-friend I hadn’t realised what an outstanding set-up his clinic offered. Our values and goals were so closely aligned.

My Chiropractic Goals are to:

Get to the root of the problem.
Focus on function, to help your body heal, repair and recover.
Provide genuinely caring, personally tailored care.
Help your body to function at its best, offering more than just pain management.

Lushington Chiropractic is an excellent clinic. It’s a great fit for my personal health values and mission as a chiropractor. It’s very rare to find such a dynamic, multi-award-winning clinic. I was excited to join them and expand my expertise in chiropractic, helping people in the local community like I did back home.

Outstanding Work Behind the Scenes

I know most local people in and around Eastbourne will see Lushington’s excellent public image, but the main draw for me was their values and work done behind the scenes.

Everyone at the clinic works very hard. Eastbourne’s very lucky to be served by a clinic which not only has high chiropractic standards, quality awards and accolades but also a genuinely caring approach to personalised treatment. Over my years of under and post-graduate experience I’d never seen such a happy, caring and kind workplace, underpinned by very high standards.

I love working as a chiropractor in Eastbourne. We have a great team and it’s a joy to be part of the local community helping my chiropractic patients.

Chiropractic & Dry Needling in Eastbourne

What is Dry Needling?

It is important to recognise that the origins of Dry Needling are drawn from Western Medicine principals and scientific, research-based conclusions. The technique of Dry Needling has NO historical ties to acupuncture, which is based in Eastern tradition. Dry Needling effectively treats musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction while acupuncture aims to influence “energy” and “meridians.”  The only similarity between the two is that they share a common tool, a fine needle. However, just because the same tool is used doesn’t mean the same job is being performed.

Chiropractic & Dry Needling Only if Needed

As part of my chiropractic education, I did a full year of dry needling training. I have found this technique invaluable in my practice. I find that in some cases, the combination of chiropractic manipulation and dry needling is a perfect recipe for timely recovery from injury or biomechanical pain.

Although this is a powerful tool, my experience has taught me that this technique is not always required to achieve best results. I use experience, physical examination findings and patient preference to determine whether or not dry needling would be the best course of treatment.

Don’t Like Needles? No worries!

Don’t worry if you don’t like needles. Your preference is vital in determining whether or not this treatment is appropriate for you. I have had many patients that have been apprehensive about dry needling but have been open to trying the treatment and have benefitted from fantastic results. Likewise, I have had patients who are not comfortable trying the treatment who have also had fantastic results, even if it may take a little longer. Part of your tailor-made care plan is to ensure that you are entirely comfortable with any treatment you are undergoing.

A Bit More About Me

I love animals of all shapes and sizes and have always adopted my pets from rescue shelters. I even worked as a veterinary nurse for two years whilst I was a chiropractic student.

One day I’d like to study animal chiropractic so that I can help my pets in the same way that I help my human patients.

Even though I’ve always been a dog person, one day at the animal shelter a cute ball of kitten melted my heart and has been there ever since. I’m afraid she’s rather a fat cat. But, that just means there’s more of her for me to cuddle!

Why I Chose Chiropractic

I come from a very large, Italian family with a strong focus on good health. My grandfather believed that longevity lay in excellent spinal health. He became almost fanatical in his pursuit of perfect spinal health. He was onto something as he lived to the ripe old age of 96. Up until the day before he passed away, he walked 17 km a day.

As a youngster growing up with a good strong emphasis on health, I knew that taking care of my body was extremely important. I was an avid sportswoman and a ballerina for most of my life. That meant that I was able to keep moving and keep my body healthy. It was then that I truly understood how important the correct movement and function of the spine was. I was lucky enough to never suffer any major injuries or setbacks that affected my ability to do sport in all that time. However, when I gave up Ballet as my university timetable didn’t afford me the time to continue, I started to get back pain. As I wasn’t as active as normal, my spine wasn’t moving or functioning optimally anymore. That was the first time I saw a chiropractor. I was amazed that this incredible person was able to make me feel and move so well with just her hands. It was such a lovely experience.

I’ve always loved activities that involve using my hands – I love all things crafty – knitting, mosaic, embroidery and sewing. So, chiropractic was the perfect profession for me since chiropractic literally means “done by hand”.

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