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Louise Lamberti Doctor of Chiropractic
To See Me at My Chiropractic Clinic in Eastbourne Call 01323 325651

Louise Lamberti
BSc (Human Phys), MTech Chiro (RSA),
Doctor of Chiropractic

I work with the team at Lushington Chiropractic, in Eastbourne Town Centre. If you’re looking for a chiropractor near you, then I’d love to help.

Just contact the clinic on 01323 325651 and ask to see me – Louise Lamberti, Doctor of Chiropractic.

I practice at:
Lushington Chiropractic
30 Lushington Road
East Sussex
BN21 4LL

01323 325651

My Chiropractic Fees

New Patient Consultation (45min to 1Hr) – £49

Treatment – £39

Babies, Children & Young People*  – £29/visit

* anyone 18 years old or younger

Complimentary Chat

I’m also very happy to offer a 15-minute complimentary chat. There’s no charge and we can discuss your particular situation or any questions you have. I’ll be more than happy to help in anyway, to discuss whether you would benefit from chiropractic and/or dry needling treatment.


Louise Lamberti BSc (Human Phys), MTech Chiro (RSA)

Doctor of Chiropractic

Lushington Chiropractic is in Eastbourne town centre and is only a few minutes’ walk from the station and a number of my Polegate guests prefer to jump on the train rather than drive into town. If you’re commuting or relying on the train then you’ll find the clinic’s only a 7 minute walk from Eastbourne train station.

We are lucky enough to be located very centrally in Eastbourne town, near to the Arndale Centre and a short walk from Eastbourne Train Station. We have two parking spaces for your convenience; one at the front of the building on Lushington Road and another at the back of the building on Lushington Lane. The rear parking space is clearly marked ‘Chiropractor’ so that you can easily find it when driving down Lushington Lane. There is also local paid parking on surrounding streets. The front entrance to the clinic is wheelchair-accessible, and please ask us if you need further assistance.

Why I Work at Lushington Chiropractic

I moved to England in search of new challenges and to expand my expertise in chiropractic. The opportunities for learning and developing my skills are far greater here in Sussex and the UK. It also helps that I love living here and I’ve never been happier – especially since moving to beautiful Eastbourne.

I was extremely lucky to come into contact with James Revell, the clinic director, at a time in my career when I craved learning and a work environment of like-minded individuals where I could grow. Lushington Chiropractic was exactly the sort of place that I had always hoped to work. All practitioners at Lushington share the same values and passion for helping people. There is a warm and loving atmosphere in the clinic from all the wonderful people that pour their love and energy into the practice. I love this because I want my patients to feel comfortable and at ease when they come to see me. Lushington provides a location that invites people in and makes them feel welcome and cared for. How could I not want to work at such a place!

I’m super-excited and love working at Lushington. The opportunities for further developing my professional skills are unique and I’m looking forward to this experience to help me develop into the best chiropractor that I can be to better help my chiropractic patients.

Helping You with Chiropractic

I am a highly qualified and fully registered Doctor of Chiropractic with a focus on function and performance. The focus of my chiropractic treatment is to help people that I care for feel better and function at their best.

Extensive Chiropractic Training & Experience

The chiropractic Master’s Degree I took was a 6-year full-time programme, including a clinical research study and two years of work in the student clinic serving our community. I was also involved in over 700 hours of community service in order to fully integrate my learning with practicing with members of the public from every walk of life.

My experience range is extensive and something that I am very proud and grateful for. I have seen someone as young as 4 days old and someone as old as 93. I have treated elite athletes and differently abled people. I hope to continue growing my experience and learning as much as I can.

Any Questions? Call 01323 325651

Chiropractic & Dry Needling

My course also included several different modalities of treating soft tissue injury, including dry needling which is a tool I use often and one that I find to be incredibly effective. I often combine chiropractic and dry needling with my patient’s treatments.

Find out more about how I use chiropractic and dry needling here.

And if you don’t like needles that’s no problem, we won’t use them.

I have a wealth of experience and several tools in my bag (including x-ray when needed) that I can use to appropriately diagnose and treat a great many number of complaints. I pride myself on tailor-made care that I chose according to your medical history, physical examination and requirements.

Accessibility Policy

One of the reasons I chose to work at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne was because of their excellent access, warm welcome and inclusive attitude. You’ll find the receptionists lovely, calm and really helpful. They have a selection of chiropractic literature in a range of languages, including Braille.

The clinic is on the ground floor, with low thresholds and wider doorways to ease access for wheelchairs, push-chairs and buggies. The bathroom is equipped with grab rails and is also on the ground floor.

My patients also appreciate the super-easy local parking, not to mention the two off-road parking spaces at the clinic – a rare treat in Eastbourne! Just in front of the clinic is a Blue Badge parking bay, and public transport couldn’t be easier. Finally, if you have a large mobility scooter then you can park it in front of the clinic, and there are no steps in the clinic itself.

If you’re looking for an easily accessible chiropractor in Eastbourne, then call 01323 722499 and ask for me – Louise Lamberti.

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